Our Vision -Where It Began

Essential ChiroCare was founded by Tampa chiropractors Dr. Tan Burns-Tran and Dr. Thang Tran in 2001. We created Essential ChiroCare with the vision of an advanced health care system where the patient is empowered to not only be free of pain, but take control of lifestyle factors that are contributors to poor health. Our experience has shown us that pain is just merely a symptom of an underlying cause. Unless the patient and physician work in tandem to identify the underlying cause, these symptoms will manifest for a lifetime.

Essential Integrative Medicine - What Health Care Should Look Like

Our vision to provide a truly synergistic, holistic and integrative health care system led us to launch Essential Integrative Medicine in 2012. Finally, there is a center where the patient has multiple treatment options to address their concerns. Our patients have a choice to receive conventional medical care or complimentary alternative therapies including chiropractic, physical therapy, yoga, pilates, massage and nutritional counseling.
Our promise to you is that we will take every step necessary to not only free you from pain, but to give you the tools to live a better life.
Essential Integrative Medicine is a true wellness center!

Concierge Service Is The Hallmark Of Essential

We value our patients and strive to give you the highest quality care and service. We make every effort to ensure that your experience with us is extraordinary. We believe that health care should be delivered with concierge service.

*No long waits to be seen

*Enough time with the doctor to address all of your concerns

*Personal access to our doctors

*Refreshments and bottle water

*A clean and spa like environment for healing

*Warm and friendly staff