Comprehensive Care clinic for auto injuries in Tampa for over 16 years

If you have been injured in an auto accident in Tampa, you most likely will have many questions.

*Who will pay for my car?

*Who will pay for my medical bills?

*What are my injuries?

*Are my injuries permanent?

*What happens if I miss time from work when I'm injured?

*Who is the best chiropractor in Tampa for auto injuries?

*Who is the best doctor and clinic in Tampa for auto injuries?

*What is PIP insurance in Florida?

*Do I need a lawyer? And who is the best lawyer and attorney in Tampa for personal injury?

*If I am permanently injured, how much will be my personal injury settlement?

Finding the answers to most of these questions will make your recovery much easier. It is difficult enough to have to deal with recovering from your injuries. It is much more difficult when you have to worry about your bills and financial strain.

Essential Integrative Medicine has provided experienced care for auto accident injuries in Tampa for over 16 years. Our clinic has worked with some of the best personal injury lawyers and attorneys in Tampa to provide timely care and thorough medical documentation. Here are some the best qualities we offer as chiropractors and medical doctors treating auto injuries in Tampa:

*Immediate appointments so you don't have to wait

*Extended hours to suit your busy lifestyle

*Chiropractic care

*Medical care

*Massage therapists

*Physical therapy in house

*Conveniently located in South Tampa but accessible by major highways and roads

*Personalized care

*We can work with your personal injury lawyer or attorney to provide thorough documentation

Please remember that in the Florida law states you have 14 days to receive care or you may lose up to $10,000 in PIP coverage. If you have been hurt or injured in an auto accident in Tampa, please call us immediately at 813-253-0711