Connection Between Anxiety and Muscle Pain

by Dr. Tan Burns-Tran, D.C.

The way we feel emotionally can play a major role on how our body physically interprets pain. Focusing on negative feelings can lead to hypersensitivity, making you more aware of every muscle pain. Feeling anxiety and tension for a long period of time can lead to sore and painful muscles. When you are feeling anxious you may be less apt to exercise, drink less water, indulge in bad eating habits and sleep poorly at night. This may lead to more anxiety and muscle pains.

People with high anxiety may be more apt to notice every ache and pain and may experience it stronger than others. Having a positive outlook can help control pain and hopefully stop it from becoming a "red alert" type of pain.

There are some things you can do to help reduce anxiety in your life. Stretching often, exercising when you can, staying hydrated and getting plenty of sleep are just a few tips. You may want to consider massage therapy, mediation or other ways to reduce anxiety.