How to find the best auto accident doctor in Tampa

Best personal injury auto accident car accident doctor or chiropractor in Tampa

If you've been hurt in an auto or car accident, finding the best personal injury doctor or chiropractor in Tampa is one of your most important decisions. Here are some suggestions to help you find the best personal injury doctor or clinic in Tampa for your auto accident injuries.

One of the most important decisions you will make when you are injured in an auto accident is to find the best possible personal injury doctor. There are some individual factors such as your previous medical history and the severity of your injuries that may play a role in finding the best doctor to treat your auto injuries. This guide should not supersede your own personal research on finding the best doctor or clinic to treat your car accident injuries.

Emergency Room

You should go to the emergency room if your injuries are very severe or life threatening. You shouldn't go to the emergency room unless you really have to and/or there are not any other convenient options. The emergency room is not intended to be a convenient place to treat auto injuries. They are also not equipped to provide ongoing management and care which many patients will require.

Urgent Care Centers and Walk in clinic

This may be a convenient option since you should be able to see a physician fairly quickly. Most urgent care clinics should have the proper staff and x-rays to properly evaluate your car crash injuries. They should also be able to take your Personal Injury Protection insurance. The biggest drawback is that most urgent care clinics do not provide ongoing care and management of your injuries such chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage, etc. Therefore, you may need to find another clinic to manage your injuries after your visit with the urgent care

Primary Care or Family Physicians

Most primary care or family physicians do not accept and treat car accident injuries in Tampa. Most will not accept your Personal Injury Protection insurance as well. Furthermore, most primary care physicians are not equipped to treat and provide ongoing management of your auto accident injuries such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage, etc. T


Tampa chiropractors have been effectively treating and managing car crash injuries in Tampa for decades. Because their expertise is in the spine and musculoskeletal system, they have the expertise and experience to manage and treat your auto accident injury. Virtually all chiropractors in Tampa will accept your Personal Injury Protection insurance. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of treating in a chiropractic only clinic is that your treatment options are limited to the scope of practice. For example, if you need medication or a procedure like an injection, you will have to go somewhere else. Furthermore, under Florida law chiropractors are not allowed to evaluate you for an Emergency Medical Condition which is necessary for you to obtain your full $10000 personal injury protection benefits.

Remember, not all chiropractors and chiropractic clinics are the same. There are many good ones but there are also some very bad ones. Perhaps the one thing you should consider when choosing a chiropractor in Tampa is to avoid are PIP mills.

PIP mills

These are clinics that do nothing other than treat car accident injuries. You've seen them before as they line certain streets and areas of Tampa. Some of these clinics may have cookie cutter treatment plans that serves one main goal, to drain your personal injury protection benefits. Many patients will receive the same treatments regardless of diagnosis or injuries. You may get the same treatment on the first visit, fifth visit, tenth, thirtieth, etc. There's no progression and management of care. Furthermore, many clinics will use vibrating plates, waterbeds and roller beds which is not viewed as medically necessary for the proper and standard treatment of auto injuries.

Multidisciplinary Clinic

Essential Integrative Medicine is a multidisciplinary clinic so naturally we feel this is the best choice for treating car accident injuries. What is a multidisciplinary clinic? It means that health care providers from different specialties like medical physicians, chiropractic physicians and therapists work together to provide a unique treatment plan. We feel that this gives the patient a well rounded treatment plan that includes medical care (medication, injection, management) and conservative care such as chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, etc.

Essential Integrative Medicine has also has the proper experience and expertise needed to thoroughly evaluate, manage and treat your injuries. If you have retained a personal injury attorney, they will need very important information to achieve a fair settlement in the event of a lawsuit. This will include:

* A thorough history of what happened in your accident

* A thorough medical history and/or any pre-existing conditions

* All diagnostic studies including x-rays, motion x-rays, MRIs, nerve conduction tests, CTs, ultrasound, etc.

* A list of all treatment modalities and interventions. This may include chiropractic care, physical therapy, medications, interventional treatments such as epidurals, joint injections, surgical interventions, etc.

* A complete and thorough opinion whether your injuries are causally related to the car crash. This is especially true if you had multiple auto accident injuries within a short period of time. If you have pre-existing injuries or conditions, your doctor should have a good opinion if and how the new auto accident has made you worse.

* An opinion whether your car accident injuries are permanent.

* A thorough description and estimation of your future medical expenses due to the permanent injuries you sustained.

* A thorough description of your impairment. This may include an impairment rating. It also may include your loss of enjoyment of life (unable to play sports, cannot garden, etc) and duties under work and home distress (can't work without pain, difficulty doing housework,etc).

We hope this gives you some guidance to how to find the best personal injury or car accident doctor in Tampa for your individual needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office for a consultation.