South Tampa Chiropractors Discuss the Proper Treatment of Auto Accident Injuries

by Dr. Tan Burns-Tran, D.C.

If you are one of the thousands of victims who sustain an auto injury in the Tampa Bay area annually, you understand the difficulty in coping with this condition. Many patients who present to their medical doctor, are often treated with medications. Unfortunately, these medications often only work to address the inflammation and pain. They don't address the structural issues that are common with auto accident injuries. Many patients also present to local Tampa chiropractors who treat them with physical therapy modalities and chiropractic adjustments. However, unless a clinician takes a comprehensive approach, any treatment may only treat symptoms and not manage long term goals.
At Essential Integrative Medicine, we realize that auto injuries can be prolonged unless we identify other factors and stresses that may affect your recovery. We are Tampa chiropractors that identify that there are three dimensions of stress that can prolonged your auto injuries: physical, biochemical and emotional stress. Physical stress is the structural damage to your body that needs to be addressed. Biochemical stress consists of the foods you eat or the medications that you take. What you put in your body and what you don't get enough of can dramatically affect your auto injuries. Finally, emotional stress is the stress you feel when you can't work due to your injuries or the legal burden of an auto accident. Many patients hire a Tampa attorney to assist in managing their claim.
Essential Integrative Medicine are south Tampa chiropractors that focus on the many factors that can make it more difficult for you to recover from your auto injuries.