You only have 14 days after your accident to seek treatment under the FL PIP law.

In order for your PIP insurance to cover your medical expenses, you must seek care within 14 days after an accident. If you seek treatment after 14 days, you may incur thousands of dollars of medical bills that are no longer covered by PIP. Therefore, it is important to seek care within 14 days if you have been injured.

*Essential Integrative Medicine has same day appointments with our physicians or chiropractic physicians to address your injuries.

How much PIP coverage for medical expenses do I have?

This greatly depends upon documentation of your injuries. If you do not have the required condition and documentation of your injuries by your provider, your PIP benefit is only $2500. If your provider determines that you have the required condition and properly documents these injuries, your PIP will be 4 times as much at $10,000. Under FL law, a chiropractic physician cannot evaluate and determine that you have an Emergency Medical Condition. It is critical to get this evaluation by a provider who is allowed under law, experienced and understands documentation.

*Essential Integrative Medicine has a team of medical physicians and physician assistants to properly evaluate and document your injuries. Our chiropractic physicians will help treat your injuries.

What type of doctor should I see following an accident?

If you have been very seriously hurt, you should see an emergency room physician first. Many choose to see chiropractic physicians due to their expertise in musculoskeletal related problems. However, a chiropractic physician cannot make the determination of an emergency medical condition and properly document these injuries for your PIP benefits. If you have a significant injury, you should see a medical provider to determine if you have the appropriate condition for your PIP benefits.

*Essential Integrative Medicine has experienced medical physicians, physician assistant and chiropractic physicians that can effectively treat and document your injuries.

Who pays for my medical bills?

The Florida law requires all drivers to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This part of your insurance policy covers you in the event that you sustain injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Because Florida is considered a "No Fault" state, your insurance company covers your medical bills regardless of fault.

*Essential Integrative Medicine has experienced staff members that can handle your claims so you can focus on getting well.

Can I choose my own doctor?

You may choose to go to any chiropractic physician, medical physician or specialist without referral. Your auto insurance company will cover your medical bills regardless of your choice of physicians.

*Essential Integrative Medicine has immediate appointments available so you don't have to wait to get better.

Should I hire an attorney?

The decision to hire an attorney is an important process that needs careful consideration. It is not a requirement for you to retain an attorney in order for you to receive treatment. Many patients decide to retain an attorney when their injuries are considered permanent, have lost wages or earning capacity, will incur future medical expenses, have significant pain/suffering and other "non-economic losses", etc.

*Essential Integrative Medicine will provide the appropriate medical records, narratives and documentation to your attorney upon request. If you need help finding an attorney, we will assist you in finding an experienced and reputable attorney that is capable of handling your case.

How long does it take to heal from my injuries?

This all depends on the type of injury you sustained from your accident. The most common type of injury is a soft tissue injury. Soft tissues are comprised of muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs and nerves. Because the first 72 hours after an injury are crucial for treatment, seeking immediate treatment for your injuries will enhance your chances of recovery.