Revive and replenish your body with the Vitamins and antioxidants it craves!!


 Essential Integrative Medicine’s IV Therapy Program is designed to bathe your body’s cells in essential vitamins and nutrients! Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a safe and effective way to deliver rich and powerful substances directly into your circulatory system. We give your body the natural nutrients (not drugs) that it needs to recover and preform optimally! The nutrients in our drips are a proven way to get you feeling better fast, so you can go back to doing the things you love.


Program Highlights:

  • Our drips take 15-45 minutes to complete
  • We use calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C  and other important vitamins
  • We have a full medical staff to ensure proper dosage and IV techniques
  • Relax and bathe your cells in rich nutrients!



 Massage and Drip Combo!

A standard IV drip can be done in 30-60 minutes, while you kick back and relax in one of our spa like treatment rooms. For a unique, remarkable experience, try our massage and IV therapy combination. Our highly qualified medical staff will administer your IV and start your revitalizing drip while you relax and enjoy.  Once your drip finishes we will transition you for a world-class massage by one of our highly skilled massage therapists.   When your drip finishes your massage begins! This service is a one of a kind experience and is sure to make you feel better and relaxed.

Here are the reasons why our patients love IV therapy

  1.  IV fluids are proven to hydrate the body much more rapidly and effectively than water
  2.   IV fluids provide essential electrolytes, to get your body back to running at optimum condition
  3.  IV hydration is one of the quickest way to reduce nausea and head aches
  4. IV hydration is safe and effective
  5. IV Therapy is relaxing and promotes healing with in the body