Stem Cell Therapy utilizes the body’s ability to repair itself naturally. Mesenchymal stem cells are multi potent stromal cells who’s role in the body is to grow tissue and contains growth factors that work together to reduce inflammation and to regrow damaged tissue.

You are a candidate if you are suffering with pain in a joint, joint degeneration, torn ligaments or other type of joint conditions from age, injury or arthritis. Studies have shown that Stem Cell Therapy treatments can improve a wide range of ailments. In our practice we treat orthopedic conditions and have seen amazing results.

Each Stem Cell Therapy treatment plan is specifically customized for each patient. The Stem Cell Therapy is determined based on the individual patient's needs. We will be happy to discuss pricing with you once your treatment plan has been developed.

No, the Stem Cell Therapy treatment is not covered by insurance.

Recovery time is very minimal and the entire procedure is done in our office. We recommend our patients to relax and avoid strenous physical activities for 48 hours post procedure. 

There are no known side effects from stem cell therapy. This Stem Cell Therapy is safe and effective.

Most patients feel results almost instantly due to the increased lubrication of the joint post treatment. Inflammation will decrease in approximately 72 hours post treatment. Regeneration of tissue will occur over the next few months after treatment

Where do our stem cells come from?

PRP treatment encourages healing. Stem cells physically regrow tissue and can rebuild an injured joint.

Our medical staff uses MRI and/ or X-Rays and full medical history to determine the best treatment plan for our patient. If you do not have a recent MRI or X-Ray we can assist you in the arrangements for an appoint for the service  through one of our partnered imaging centers.