Revive 25!™  -Male hormone

replacement therapy


 ”Revive 25™” is Essential Integrative Medicine male hormone replacement program  designed to treat YOU, not just your symptoms. At age 25, most men are in the prime of their lives, feeling strong and confident. However, when a man starts to age, there is a natural decrease in testosterone along with that youthful spirit. 

   The most common symptoms are:

  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Decrease in mood or well being
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Increase in adipose tissue (fat)
  • Hair loss
  • Decrease strength of erections
  • Decrease in energy

 Feel Young Again!

 The great news is you don’t have to experience these symptoms anymore and can feel like you are 25 again! Here at Essential Integrative Medicine, we are dedicated to providing an individualized treatment plan just for you, Revive 25! Testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to significantly improve these symptoms. Our goal is to revive your youth and help make you feel young again!

 Many clinics categorize patients and give blanket diagnosis based on lab values, without truly listening to the patient. Here at Essential Integrative Medicine our goal is treat YOU the patient.

 Program highlights:

  • 1 hour consultation with medical staff
  • In office blood work and medical evaluation
  • Lab work testing full male hormone panel
  • Testosterone and support medication (if candidate)
  • In office injections are available or direct shipping to home
  • Training for proper injection technique


 Revive 25!™ Can restore your youth!

 Your first visit will be with our highly skilled and proficient medical staff for a thorough health history and exam. Next, our phlebotomy specialist will draw a small amount of your blood and send out to the lab for testing. We do all of our blood work IN HOUSE which saves you the  extra trip and travel time to another facility!

 Your results will be uploaded into our system within a few days! Our medical doctor, physician assistant and medical staff will then review these results. Our team will put together an appropriate treatment plan based on your individual goals and chief complaints. Our medical team will contact you and discuss your treatment options and answer any questions you might have!

We work directly with the pharmacy and for your convenience will we have all your medication and supplies shipped directly to your home! 

Common medications we use:

  • Testosterone Cypionate
  •  Clomiphene
  •  Anastrozole
  •  Human Chorionic Gonadotropin "HCG"
  •  Sildenafil troches 


If you are uncomfortable or unsure on how to properly administer your medication, our medical team will be happy to show you or administer it for you in our office. A follow up appointment and  blood work will be required 6 - 8 weeks after treatment begins and  once every 6 months for the duration of treatment.

We look forward to to working with you soon!