Weight Loss plans individualized for men and women 


The founders of Essential Integrative Medicine believe that an individualized, comprehensive approach to nutritional medicine works and has  better success with real results than a  one-size fits all approach.  We realize that every patient has different goals, time concerns and constraints. We firmly believe our patients should have options in the type of care, the duration and cost of treatment but most of all healthy results. We offer different care plans to suit each patient's individual needs to help reach the personalized life change of healthy. 

Weight Loss made easy!

Most diets focus on restricting your diet - NOT EATING. Not eating fat, not eating carbs, or just plain not eating much of anything. With most diets, success is based primarily on your will power to avoid calories 

Here at Essential Integrative Medicine, we promote lifestyle change. Our program teaches our patients how to eat healthy and still enjoy all the types of foods they love. We focus on counting macro nutrients, which allows patients to lose weight quickly while still eating the foods they love. This type of nutritional plan is essential to maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

In some cases we may use medications to enhance our patients weight loss. We use appetite suppressants and lipotropic injections. These medications are used synergistically with a healthy, nutritious and sustainable diet. We have seen excellent results when using specific medication dosing protocols customized for our patients. 


  Program Highlights

  • Full health exam including, EKG, blood work, urinalysis and nutritional consult
  • Complete diet training and macronutrient planning with our nutritional/medical staff
  • Food intake is tracked using smart app technology
  • Weekly lipotropic fat blasting injections
  • Monthly supply of appetite suppressants 
  • Weekly or monthly checkins to review diet progress, record weight & body fat 
  • Our medical staff is very accessible  to answer questions, concerns and/or make dietary adjustments between checkins 


What Type Of Medications are Used?


Our medical team preforms an all inclusive assessment and lab tests using blood work, urinalysis, EKG and general physical exam. These tests are used to check lipids, blood counts, kidney function and overall health.

Once we have all your results, our medical team will determine if you are a viable candidate for appetite suppressants, MIC injections, vitamin infusions and other medication we use in our individualized treatment plans. We focus on healthy habits and use medication conservatively and only when appropriate!


What makes our programs different?

  • * We care about you and listen to your concerns to set attainable goals 

  • * We want you to succeed

  • * We will be there with you every step of your journey

  • * We track all the food you eat on an app that can be downloaded on your smart phone

  • * We focus on long-term goals and keeping the weight off for good

  • * We meet with you weekly for weigh-ins, medication and nutritional coaching

  • * We provide all diagnostics in our office including labs!

  • * We provide what you need in house. Your time is important! No wait long wait times!