I had constant migraines, about 4 times a week. I was also having numbness in my legs. I tried taking over-the counter pain relievers or prescription migraine medications. None of these made the migraines go away. My migraines have gone from a frequency of 4 times a week to 0 to 1 time per month. I have also stopped feeling numbness in my legs. I was not expecting to have a better range of motion, nor to see a change in my headaches so quickly


Prior to a car accident, I was always very active in dance, sports and BMX racing. My weight was never an issue. After a near fatal car accident when I was 19, I have had difficulty keeping my weight to a normal level due to severe back injuries that stopped me from enjoying all of the physical activities I enjoyed. I have previously had to spend 3 or more days a week in the gym doing weight and cardio training to attempt to maintain a healthy weight. Unfortunately, my back injuries would become aggravated and I would immediately regain the lost weight and sometimes gain even more. The battle of the bulge has been a difficult one until now.During the past 13 weeks, I went from 171 lbs to 137


I am like the millions of new moms who wanted to get their bodies back after having two kids. I gained a lot of weight after my first child so I vowed to do something different for my second child.I started the maintenance program while I was pregnant and it made a tremendous difference. Of course, I didn't take any medication, but I didn't need to either. They gave me an easy to use meal plan system that allowed me to get the right nutrients for my baby and me. I was back to my normal weight within two weeks of delivering our second baby!!.